What Is Hydraulic Oil, And What Are Its Types?

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The word hydraulics has been a part of numerous conversations in the automobile industry. It is a system where power is transmitted from one part to another through a high-performance fluid to help lift and carry heavy loads with ease and convenience. These fluids are called hydraulic oils and are used in the fields of medicine, agriculture, construction, aviation, shipbuilding, automobile, and more.

What Is Hydraulic Oil?

Due to constant movement, hydraulic parts have a higher heat output. This could damage the entire system. Therefore it is imperative to use non-compressed oil to prevent such outcomes. Not only is hydraulic oil used to transfer power to the hydraulic system, but it also acts as a coolant, sealant and lubricant.

Tata Motors’ hydraulic oil is used in many things, like hydraulic brakes, power steering, tractors, industrial equipment, and more.

Types of hydraulic oils

Every hydraulic oil is different as it serves different purposes. Hydraulic oils usually consist of a base oil and other additives.

Mineral-Based Hydraulic Oil

Mineral-based hydraulic oils serve as great lubricants. Not only does it help power the system to function effortlessly, it also provides better protection against corrosion and rust. Thanks to its viscosity stability, mineral-based hydraulic oils provide optimal operations even under extreme working temperatures.

Synthetic-Based Hydraulic Oil

Synthetic oils are chemically engineered. They are formulated to provide a better performance in areas where mineral-based hydraulic oils are lacking. Synthetic hydraulic oils increase the efficiency, reliability, and performance of the operating system. They also provide excellent resistance against oxidation and thermal breakdown along with serving robust performances in cold climates where temperatures are extremely low.

Essential Hydraulic Oil Properties

Here is a list of key properties and characteristics that are essential to perform tasks for commercial and industrial tools and applications.

  • Anti-corrosive
  • Non-compressible
  • Anti-wearing properties
  • Water resistant
  • Durability
  • Cost Effective
  • Efficient

Hydraulic Oil Grades

Hydraulic oils are graded based on their viscosity and weight.

HM Hydraulic oil:

These hydraulic oils have anti-foaming, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-wear properties.

HV Hydraulic oil:

These hydraulic oils have anti-foaming, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-wear properties with a high viscosity index that performs extremely well under pressure and various temperatures.

Hydraulic systems are used at the core of many industries, and Tata Motors Hydraulic Oil from Tata Motors Genuine Oil helps power these hydraulic systems with effortless ease. They are superior quality non-compressible hydraulic oils that are anti-corrosive and act as a coolant, sealant and lubricant.

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