How Does Tata Motors Genuine Oil (TMGO) Enhance Your Commercial Vehicle Performance?

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There is a persistent notion that every commercial vehicle is adaptable to every kind of motor oil. This does not stand true. Flooded with a dizzying number of motor oils in the market has left consumers confused and overwhelmed when making a decision. Therefore, while choosing lubricants, it is crucial to understand which lubricant is the right fit for your commercial vehicle.

Launched in 2018 by Tata Motors, Tata Motors Genuine Oil (TMGO) was specially formulated for Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles with “Customer Centricity” and “Trust” in mind. It is developed to offer superior quality and performance and enhance your commercial vehicle’s protection against wear and tear, along with better thermal and oxidation stability at an affordable price.


Here are a few ways Tata Motors Genuine Oil enhances your commercial vehicle.

  • Superior engine oil formulation – Exclusively developed for TATA Motors commercial vehicles.
  • 40% better wear protection for all engine components – TATA Motors Genuine Oil exceeds the requirements of corrosive wear, compared to industry limits.
  • Effective soot dispersants that prolong engine life – Soot causes wear in engine. TATA Motors Genuine Oil keeps soot dispersed and provides excellent protection.
  • Protects against acid attack and corrosion – TATA Motors Genuine Oil has a unique detergent combination, which protects against acid attack and corrosion, maintaining cleanliness throughout the drain.
  • Stable viscosity for better fuel average and to avoid engine wear – If the oil viscosity rises too high, it will lead to trouble while starting the vehicle and loss in km/LA lower oil viscosity can cause metal-to-metal contact and aggravate engine wear.
  • 70% lesser oil consumption – TATA Motors Genuine Oil provides excellent wear protection and keeps oil consumption in check. Hence, fewer top-ups, resulting in more cost savings.
  • 50% better in oxidation resistance – TATA Motors Genuine Oil excels in oxidation resistance, which enables longer drain intervals and lesser deposits.
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