How can Tata Motors Gear Oil give the best performance to your commercial vehicle?

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In commercial vehicles and other machinery, the gearbox and transfer cases are all lubricated using gear oil. All components in the commercial vehicle that have to move and rotate need to be lubricated, kept cool, and protected. So when you shift gears, your journey is smooth and effortless.
As variations in gear system specs exist between commercial vehicles, Tata Motors Gear Oil provides three long-life Gear Oil variants that promise performance or protection.

Below are ways Tata Motors Gear Oil gives the best performance to your commercial vehicle

  • Viscosity

The viscosity of Tata Motors Gear Oil is substantially thicker than standard motor oil. When oil has a high viscosity, it can keep linked gears lubricated and protected from shocks and abrupt impacts when they operate in tandem.

  • Thermal consistency

Gear oil shouldn’t oxidise at high temperatures. They need to be thermally stable at all times. This is essential to make sure the oil doesn’t sludge. Tata Motors Gear oil has excellent wear protection and provides a smooth performance under every condition.

  • Manage extreme pressure

Gearboxes that are frequently faced with shock loads need gear lubricant with severe pressure qualities. Tata Motor Gear Oil has formulated high performance load carrying properties and excellent wear protection.

  • Eliminate contamination

Tata Motors Gear oil can prevent system contamination, which is always a possibility, especially when it comes to water. It can demulsify oil to remove water from the gearbox.

How frequently ought to gear oil to be changed?

You should have your gear oil changed every 48,000 to 80,000km . This will depend on the type of commercial vehicle you drive and the conditions you drive in.

What indications point to the need for new gear oil?

There are indications that it’s time to change your gear oil including strange burning smells and whining or grinding noises. Watch out for leaks because they may be a sign of tainted oil. Last but not least, an illuminated ‘check engine’ light on your dashboard is always an indication that anything inside the engine has to be fixed right away.

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